SNUi Membership
SNUi Membership





SNUi is a Branch of the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU). It is managed by a committee appointed by the National Executive Committee of the SNU.

   How to join SNUi.  

  We apologize that our renewal system is experiencing technical difficulties.  If you wish to renew your membership please contact  

The annual subscription is £21. If you are already an Individual member of the SNU the annual subscription will be £8. All subscriptions can be paid by credit card or Pay/Pal.  Please remember your date of subscription  and after one years contact Redwoods to renew, membership shall be terminated one month after expiry date.

Upgrade to SNU Individual Member
When you have been a SNUi member for two or more years you can apply to become a Spiritualist and apply for Full Individual membership of the SNU. You must have been a member of SNUi for the two years immediately prior to your application. You will still be able to retain your SNUi membership and full access to this website for a reduced annual subscription of £8.

Terms and Conditions
1. SNUi operates a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy towards any kind of disruptive or abusive behaviour.
2. Minimum age for membership is 18 years.
3. SNUi reserves the right to accede to, defer or reject any application without explanation.
4. No readings are to be conducted online unless an authorised person is present.
No recordings should be made in any of the classes or services without the prior consent of the tutor or chairman.
6. Membership shall be terminated in any of the following events:


b.failure after due notice to pay the subscription;

c. reciept by the SNUi of written or emailed notice of resignation;

d. failure, after due notice, to pay the subscription;

e. expulsion for any of the following reasons;

i continued use of abusive and/or threatening language; ii continued breach of the on-line code of practice.


The present SNUi committee is :



Minister Simone Key 


Vice Chair

Cathy Leigh Tsoukalas CSNUit   



Angela Foster DSNU


NEC Ex-Officio Member

Minister Steven Upton  


Education  Coordinator

Patricia Millon CSNU


Special Events Organser

Daniela Gervasoni CSNUt   


Education and Exponants Committee Liaison

Iris Wuethrich CSNU

National Representative Coordinator

Annekee de Graauw CSNU



Programme Editor

Robert Stead




SNUi News Editor
Daniel Feenix


National Representatives
Each country that has 10 or more members has a National Representative to help members in their country with login problems and to act as liaison between the committee and the individual member.

Australia: Julie Falcone 

Canada : Pat Forand 

Denmark: Nynne Bojsen

Finland: Paulina Sabell

Germany: Karin Huber

Republic of Ireland: Julie Coyle    

Italy: Daniela Gervasoni CSNUt

Netherlands: Danielle Nijhuis CSNU

Sweden: Barbara Dernhagen 


Iris Wuethrich CSNU  


Sharon DeBartolo Carmack DSNU



Other countriesRepresentative:

Barbara Spies Blankenstein.




UK: Marilyn Marsh                           NZ: Minister Arthur Plumpton