Programme of Events
Programme of Events

Science and Spiritualism An OPEN series of talks

View an excerpt from the first Science and Spiritualism given by Minister David Bruton President of the SNU.  This event was held on Feb 24th 2018.

Please double click on the box at the bottom of this panel.  Ignore the comment about No video of compatability.  This cclip is approx 11.5 minutes long.  Enjoy.  There is a lot od information in this short pasage.

Spiritualism has a long history of scientific enquiry, and in this century, there have been some fascinating developments in physics and consciousness theory that relate to the work we dowith the Spirit world. This exciting new SNUi group aims to bring this work to light by offering a forum for learning, discussion and the exchange of ideas. Guest speakers and interested members can give talks on the historical and current research so that we may be informed and inspired ambassadors for Spiritualism as a science.
In our first meeting, we will be joined by Minister David Bruton,President of the SNU, who has a keen interest in Spiritualism as a science. David will speak about the scientific research and experiments being done by the SNU and at the Arthur Findlay College, the need for serious scientific enquiry and current
collaborations between the SNU and the scientific community.
The aim of this group is to further our understanding of the nature of reality and the workings of the Spirit world through a scientific lens. In this way, we can acquire a greater understanding of the language of science and contribute to compelling discussions on the science of Spiritualism, mediumship and the afterlife.
Each month …
• We will have a guest speaker or
• Two 15 minute talks by SNUi members
on historical and contemporary research
• Q&A and group discussion
• An opportunity for speakers to have
their work published in the Pioneer
Presentations may include …
• The work of pioneers, such as Sir
William Crookes, with support from the
Arthur Findlay College Museum curator.

• More recent studies, such as the Scole
Experiment & the Afterlife Experiments
• Near death studies, including work by
Dr. Sam Parnia & Dr. Raymond Moody.
• Contemporary and potentially relevant
consciousness theories
• Reviews of books exploring scientific
topics that could have a relationship with
the Spiritualism and the afterlife
• Spiritual healing phenomen

Science & Spiritualism Recommended Reading

Sir Oliver Lodge, Raymond or Life and Death, 1916

Sir Oliver Lodge, Survival of Man, 1909

Hereward Carrington, Death, its Causes and Phenomena (1911)

Hereward Carrington, Personal Experiences in Spiritualism (Including the Official Account and Record of the American Palladino Séances) (1913)

William F. Barrett, On the Threshold of a New World of Thought: An Examination of the Phenomena of Spiritualism. (1908)

William F. Barrett, On the Threshold of the Unseen: An Examination of the Phenomena of Spiritualism and of the Evidence for Survival After Death. (1917)

Augustus De Morgan, From Matter to Spirit (1863)

Robert Hare, Experimental Investigation of the Spirit Manifestations (1855)

Gary E. Schwartz Ph.D., The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death (2003)

David Fontana, Is There An Afterlife? A Comprehensive Overview of the Evidence (2005)

Julie Beischel, PhD, Mediumship Research at the Windbridge Research Center, multiple scholarly articles referenced at the bottom of the webpage, many with links to read online (2017)



An copy of the Powerpoint presentation that will be used on 27 Jan is available to members under the Newsletters for January