Tuition Programme
Tuition Programme

SNU AGM 2017

The SNU held its AGM on 14 / 15 July in Runcorn in the North of England. Whilst this is predominately a business meeting, do not dismiss it without a thought. This is the one occasion when the members can stand up and speak up on a subject they are passionate about. It is also the time and place that various awards of exceptional performance are recognised by specific awards of the SNU.

The SNUi members featured strongly in this section with:

Tom Hibbs Prize

This is for ‘Achiever of the year’ not necessarily the most academic, but the most deserving as deemed by the Education Committee.

Melanie Ladewig, Overseas

Ted Annabel Prize

The Ted Annable Prize for excellence in healing education course work.

Terri Takahashi, Overseas

Arthur Conan Doyle Prize for the PAS Scheme

This is awarded to the candidate on the Platform Accreditation Scheme who the Training & Awards Committee felt had achieved a high standard throughout.

Angela Foster, East London DC

Well done to all of you!!!