Programme of Events
Programme of Events

Spirit of the Speaker - today 5pm

With Anne-MarieBond CSNUt..

2nd of March 5 pm UK time.


The Spirit of the Speaker classes..... 


Feel Nervous giving Inspirational Talks? Lets face it, when its your time to give an inspirational church address or speak in public without a pre-prepared script can be daunting. Most people FEAR having to 'talk on the spot'. Do you? I invite all trainee novice mediums / speakers to join this 90 mins practical workshop to increase your confidence for public and inspired speaking with step-by-step exercises aimed at improving your ability and flow speaking with / without using a prepared script. Each lesson brings new opportunities for students to participate in learning how to improve their inspirational speaking ability on various topics. So a fantastic class for all, especially Nervous, Trainee Speakers. When you develop confidence in the Spirit within, your speaking style, your message, your presentation and your engagement with the audience will help you discover that *what you have to say* others will want to hear. Come and join this fun, Inspirational Speaking workshop and amaze your audience when giving your next Church Address or public talk. If you feel nervous at speaking to others publicly this is a perfect first step for you. *All attendees are encouraged to participate - a working mic will be required - session suitable for beginners or mediums who suffer with the sheer fright of being asked to give an address on philosophy*